Created in collaboration with Winston Cuevas


> whose aesthetic is an active negotiation between human aesthetics with universe aesthetics

> whose ethic is a dream mythology fabricated out of an interpretation of human relationship with space

> whose client is not a space enthusiast, but any individual who sees value in the brand’s aims and is consequently willing to pay a premium to obtain a part of the resulting culture.

Our visual language is inspired by human physiology, space mythology, the qualities of light and vision, directionality, and human idiosyncrasies.  

At space humanism, our brand is synonymous with man’s interaction with the universe. The products we design are charged with this ethic. Our three flagship products, Coligio, Oromo, Spero, embody the space humanism aesthetic. Each product embodies a different facet of the relationship between humanity and space. A design that responds to a human condition in space travel links closely with our goal to provide comfort in space. A sensory connection kit between earth and space fosters a special kind of humanist nostalgia. A new compass for celestial navigation addresses omni-directionality in space.



recovery kit


Every human retches when they go to space. Coligio helps the space tourist recover from this inevitable rite of passage. Thin plastic bubbles keep the kit organized, and an embedded tear cord opens each bubble as you recover. The first objects that the tear cord reveals are for immediate use, and the last are for long term recovery. The objects included in the kit create maximum comfort for the traveller. Human physiology and the recovery process drove the creation of this new ritual.



scent kit


Oromo is a curated collection of scents from Earth and space. Two rings connect to a central plate. The first ring familiarizes a traveller with scents of space before their trip. The second ring is used in space to recount and experience the scents of Earth. Each ring consists of twelve scents, identified and described on gold plaques. When pressed, the red anodized aluminum buttons expose a scent pod to a cavity. The traveller places their nose onto a heat resistant silicon O-ring on the outer rim of the ring to experience the scent. Flower symmetry and the multi-cultural Earth symbol inspired the form of Oromo.



space compass


Spero is a three-dimensional handheld compass that directs the user to selected locations in space upon request. A laser unit sits in the middle of a gyroscopic mechanism that points through one of the many lenses on the inner sheaths, illuminating a path to the destination. Up to 8 locations can be pre-programmed into the dial ring. The form is inspired by two diverging arrows represented by parabolic forms, and acts as a new orientation tool for enhanced universe navigation. Spero’s form also references the design of LAGEOS, a tool used by scientists to provide precise earth information.

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