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Space Humanism

Space Humanism


As space tourism becomes more viable, travel lifestyle brands will need to humanize space flight to keep up. Space Humanism is a conceptual luxury brand that actively negotiates both human and space aesthetics. 

Our process began by dissecting what it means to be human (physiology, sensation, family, emotion) and the culture around space travel (gravity, engineered accuracy, historical events, optics, directionality). We turned these concepts into objects, graphics, and iconography to communicate the Space Humanism brand. (see brand manual)


Retch Kit (Physiology + Zero Gravity)

Justin Bieber has a ticket for the first Virgin Galactic flight. Every human vomits when they enter zero gravity. The retch kit helps astrotourists recover quickly so they can enjoy their experience. Includes a napkin, antacids, cracker, water, toothbrush, toothpaste, and chewing gum.


Scent Archive (Nostalgia + Sensation)

After a few weeks in space, a tourist will begin to miss the details of their life on Earth. The scent rings contain small bursts of pungent particles to foster nostalgia. Scents include geosmin (dirt), carbon (fire) and petrichor (rain).


Space Compass (Directionality + Family)

The space compass points to loved ones and memorable locations. In space there is no up or down. There is no horizon. The sun might be below you, Mars above you, and Earth zipping past your window every thirty seconds. The space compass orients the traveler, and shows them where the important things are.


Created in collaboration with Winston Cuevas. 

Read more about the brand here.

© Skye Ray and Winston Cuevas