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Dometric is a concept subscription service that provides every object one needs throughout a lifetime. The brand's flagship products explore future-living concepts, like telepresence and economy of space. The entire brand itself is a proposal, for the extent to which subscription services might infiltrate the home in the future.


Lifelong Subscription Schedule

Each cell represents one day, each row contains 365 cells, the subscription schedule contains 100 rows. Red cells represent shipment dates.



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An individual has a limited number of decisions they can make in one day. Closetroom objects are all standard, making the experience of using this room extremely efficient. However, the user is free to arrange the content in any position they like, to create a custom composition. When new shipments of clothing arrive, old clothes are returned.







The Mobile’s embedded camera and the self-rocking Cradle connect long distance relatives to the act of child rearing. The black monochrome finish helps with infant ocular development by creating a high contrast, visually stimulating environment.




Endimals and Nanny Blanket introduce a balanced beginning to the system through objects which are normally designed to bring comfort. The Endimal collection is the new infant's first connection with environmentalism and empathy. All of the animals included are divided by color into population stability categories.


Our process began with surveys about childhood and parenthood, as litmus tests for domestic structure. We used the anecdotes from the surveys to inform our objects and furniture:

“I just need a box I can sleep in. That would work for my situation right now. I would just go home from work and sleep there while I’m in this city.”  - John

“I wish we could all wear uniforms. Sometimes I don’t want to think about that stuff.”  - Claire

“My first daughter was born in Europe, my second daughter was born here. My second daughter will talk to her grandma on Skype, but my first can’t stand it, she’s used to seeing her in person.”  - Paul


Designed and constructed with Molly Harwood as part of an ongoing collaborative study. Lamp created by Aliya Zafar.

© Skye Ray and Molly Harwood