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Early twentieth century economic growth blossomed from over-consumption. Consumers formed a habit of purchasing, using, discarding, and replacing their objects. 

Construct visualizes an imminent consumer climate based on environmental obsession and frustration with design driven obsolescence. 

Urban nomads will prefer durable, reconfigurable furniture over comfort and convention. Adaptive structures, akin to scaffolding, must be easy to transport and modify for any residence. The Constructor moves constantly within dense urban areas, their furniture is equally nomadic.

Scaffolding, safety cones, debris netting, rubble chutes, articulated concrete pumps are engineered for marvelous durability. If these forms can withstand the forces of development, they should be used to prolong the lifespan of domestic furniture. We believe domestic objects, like domestic environments, should outlive their owners. Created with Molly Harwood.

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